Academic Evaluations
The academic evaluation packages provide each client with an individualized battery of assessments.  A detailed report to capture the client's current learning profile is included.  These clinical assessments showcase current academic abilities, portrays strengths and relative weaknesses, and provides recommendations. This information can be used to guide intervention & remediation, to share with outside agencies, and to use as a baseline for future progress monitoring to see if learning and growth are occurring over time. The WIAT-III, KTEA, CTOPP2, GORT5, various learning disability screening tools, and several curriculum-based measurements are currently available.  This academic evaluation can suggest learning differences, learning disabilities, dyslexia, advanced learner profiles, and more. 
Academic Therapy
Academic Therapy services are designed to support each client's specific needs including: academic skill remediation, study skills and homework support;  homeschool curriculum support; online learning curriculum support, positive behavior support to maximize learning, and progress monitoring to ensure child is responding to interventions.  Specialized in learning differences, dyslexia and specific learning disabilities, twice exceptionality, gifted and advanced learners, ADHD and executive function difficulties.
Family and Child Advocate (Special Education, 504, Dyslexia)
Customized advocacy services tailored to each family's current situation and needs.  Specialized in understanding and navigating the special education and 504 process; disability understanding pertaining to IDEA, the special education process, disability awareness, IEP vs 504, student rights and services;  gifted educational programming, twice exceptionality, supporting families in communicating on behalf of their child with outside agencies;  attending meetings; and providing explicit  big-picture understanding and emotional support.  Certifications and memberships include Dyslexia Advocate Certification, Wrightslaw, Council for Exceptional Children, and Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates. 
Educational Consulting
Various educational consulting services available including: the what, why, and how of working with students with dyslexia; the what, why, and how of working with students with various learning disabilities and learning differences; learner profile awareness to maximize student success; creating customized learning plans to support neurodiversity; using data and assessments to guide instruction & intervention; using a response-to-intervention approach (RTI) to maximize success; homeschool curriculum design and support; implementation of positive behavior supports to maximize learning; choosing and implementing research-based interventions, differentiating to meet the needs of all learners; understanding and navigating the special education process and more.  Can be customized for clients' individualized needs.
School Guidance Coaching
Supporting clients in navigating school selection based on their child's unique learning profile.  These consulting sessions can support client's with educational decision making including public, alternative, private, online, homeschool, and post-secondary options.  Services can include providing the family with referrals and recommendations when required by a school.  
Learner Empowerment
Individualized sessions to support the client in understanding his or her learning profile.  Strengths and relative weaknesses, learning patterns, suggested accommodations, day to day strategies, and lifestyle recommendations will provide each client with a better understanding of self.  The  goal is for each client to have a concrete understanding of who they are, how they are wired, and what to do with that wiring to maximize self-confidence and success.  

About Intentional Learning Services

Intentional Learning Services provides deliberate, purposeful, and individualized learning services to each unique client that comes our way.  Based out of Missoula, Montana, services are provided face to face in our office or at the client's location of choice.  Many services are available remotely, as well.  Our approach begins by exploring the intentions of the client through an intake. Once these intentions are clearly defined and understood by both parties, an individualized service plan is designed and suggested. Intentional Learning Services provides deliberate, purposeful, client-centered services to meet the needs of all unique learners.  We work with families who are seeking clear information and want solution-focused support. We have customized services to inform, empower, and maximize success.

Meet Us

Elisabeth Laatsch
Elisabeth Laatsch

Founder and Lead Service Provider

Elisabeth Laatsch is the founder and lead service provider at Intentional Learning Services. She is an exemplary educator with diverse professional experiences.  She is a learning specialist with an advanced knowledge in meeting the unique needs of diverse learners.  Her background in the public school system includes 15 years of teaching in rural, urban, and suburban public schools with the majority of those years case managing and teaching children with learning disabilities & learning differences.  She has been a K-5 intervention teacher providing research-based interventions to struggling learners with an emphasis on closing the achievement gap.  She has also been an elementary classroom teacher providing her with the foundational understanding of how to meet the needs of all learners within a classroom setting. Elisabeth has experience conducting academic evaluations, diagnosing learning disabilities and learning differences, and providing specialized instruction.   She has supported families in better understanding each child’s unique learning profile and has designed individualized learning plans that address specific reading, writing, spelling, math and behavior needs. Elisabeth holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from The University of Montana.  She also obtained her Special Education teaching endorsement during her graduate work.   She holds a valid teaching certificate certified to teach elementary K-8 and special education PK-12 in the state of Montana and Colorado.  She is a member of the professional organization, Council for Exceptional Children,  Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, and National Association for Gifted Children.  To better support families of children with neurodiverse learning profiles, she recently completed a graduate course through The University of San Diego and The Dyslexia Training Institute  The Dyslexia Advocate Certification Program and is a certified family and child advocate who can support families navigating the IEP process, 504 plans, twice exceptionality,  gifted education programming, or twice exceptionality.   Elisabeth runs Intentional Learning Services using a heart-centered approach.  She has an uncanny ability to connect with people.  This skill brings her much success in working with her clients.  Her students feel safe and respected in her presence and her families feel supported and understood.  Her strong inter-personal skills leave clients with a sense of relief, as they have found someone who understands their child, their story, and their needs. 

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